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My Screenshot. Euro Truck Simulator 2. Volvo

VOLVO FH in Euro Truck Simulator2.

 The Volvo FH is a heavy truck range produced bySwedish Volvo Truck Corporation. Introduced in late 1993 as FH12 and FH16, production still continues with the now the second generation of FH range model lineup.FH stands for FrontHigh cab where numbers denominate engine capacity in litres. The FH range is one of the most successful truck series ever having sold more than 400,000 units worldwide
In September, 2012, Volvo Trucks re-launched the Volvo FH with significant technology upgrades.

 In August 2008 Volvo launched an upgrade to FH series with main emphasis on a driver comfort and usability, among features listed are windscreen wipers controlled by a rain sensor, cornering lights for better visibility when turning, powerful audio system with USB aux and MP3inputs as well as a swiveling passenger seat. Completely redesigned grill, steps, sunvisor and headlamps combination were the most obvious visible changes over previous models. Only 6 months later Volvo once again claimed a first with the FH16 and 700 hp (520 kW) on tap introducing one of the world's most powerful production series truck. Continuing on its Euro5 theme upgrades to 13 Litre engines and introduction of the new 11 Litre engine followed a few months later.
As a part of ongoing commitment to road safety a number of safety features were also improved like advanced radar controlled cruise control, Driver Alert System (DAS) which keeps a tab on the driver's time behind the wheel with ongoing monitoring of the driver's responses, Lane Keeping Support(LKS) which alerts the driver when crossing over the lines and Lane Change Support (LCS) system responsible for alerting the driver when another vehicle is in the "blind spot" when attempting to change lanes.
In 2011 the new 750 hp version of the D16 was presented to the market. This engine will be delivered to customers around new year 2012, celebrating 25 years of Volvo 16 litre truck engines.

The new Volvo FH (2012-current)

The new Volvo FH (2012-current)

In September 2012, Volvo Trucks re-launched the Volvo FH with major technology upgrades, a new design and more. The company also introduced the first of its Euro 6 engines, the D13K which is available as an option on the new Volvo FH and compulsory for new trucks in Europe from January 2014. Other quotable new features is the I-torque driveline and the I-see fuel saving technology. With the new thirteen-litre engine, the name has changed to FH13.


Volvo Trucks have demonstrated the new AEB system for their FH series on YouTube. The truck did well and stopped only centimeters from the car ahead. The tractor trailer was fully loaded to 40 tons GCW when Volvo demonstrated the system.
The AEB system combines a radar and a camera that work together to identify and monitor vehicles in front. The system is designed to deal with both stationary and moving vehicles and can prevent a collision with a moving target at relative speeds of up to 70 km/h. When the system detects a vehicle that the truck will hit at its current speed, the warning system activates a constant red light in the windscreen in order to bring the driver's attention back to the road.

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